How research adds value to your business!

Today I had the pleasure of returning to one of my passions – research! I am a qualitative researcher at heart and know the power of third-party interviews used on behalf of clients to deliver insights they can’t normally gain for themselves. It’s not a well-known fact that one of the services we offer is research in the form of Market Sensing, Customer Feedback and Client Consultations.

This is actually an ideal time to gather feedback and insights from customers to help shape the way we emerge from this lockdown and mould our services to the emerging needs of the new business environment.

The value of engaging a third party to carry out sensitive interviews with customers is that it delivers feedback that is honest and uncompromised by the existing relationship between you and your clients.

From the feedback gained you are able to:

·        inform your marketing and communications strategy

·        test the water on how you are doing delivering your services

·        find out things that you do and don’t do well and adjust your customer service strategy accordingly

These are but a few of the ways well-designed qualitative research can support your business. If you’d like to know more give us a call on 01200 400127 or drop us an email on and we’d be delighted to speak to you.