Data Cleansing

How clean is the data you hold on your customers and prospects? When was the last time you spent time checking and cleansing it? IQ4B has a new Data Cleansing service to help you ensure that you have clean, accurate customer and prospect data for your sales and marketing activities.

Why should I pay someone else to cleanse my data?

Clean, accurate customer and prospect data delivers:

  • Reduced expenditure on the cost of outbound mailings and calls
  • An opportunity to touch base with customers past and present and maintain communications
  • Clean data leads to better targeting for marketing campaigns and increased marketing response rates
  • Improved focus – the better the quality of the data and fewer information gaps enables better segmentation to identify the most valuable customers and prospects
  • Improved ROI – by focusing the right activity at the right audience at the right time.

What do we do with your data?

  • Cleanse – checking existing records, updating contact details, data cleansing usually carried out on older databases (more than a year since data cleansing was carried out)
  • Plug data gaps – updating your existing database and adding extra details e.g. direct phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, postcodes, sector, renewal dates etc
  • Create – if you have a list or a load of business cards from a trade show, networking events, conferences we create an Excel spreadsheet for you to upload in .csv format
  • Formatting – if your database needs some TLC we can spruce it up and format it ready for uploading into your CRM

What you need to do

  • Send an email to with the number of rows of data you want cleansed or give us a call on 01200 400127.
  • Cost of a straightforward cleanse is £43 + vat per hour