• Lead Generation, Market Sensing & Feedback

    Supporting Business Growth

  • Really knowing what your customers and employees think can provide you with a sustainable business.

    Customer and Employee Feedback

  • Don’t just jump into a new market or launch a new service without doing your homework.

    Market Sensing

  • Reach out to prospects so that you have a sales funnel to work from

    Lead Generation


The IQ team and our clients are focused on building a relationship with prospects from the start; gathering intel and only making appointments when the prospect has shown a genuine interest. Our clients’ success is not measured by how many daily calls are made, but by allowing us to take the time to understand the prospect’s needs.

Starting a new business or launching a new product or service costs time and money. From organising trials and focus groups to carrying out street surveys, our team provide you with the intel you need to make informed, strategic decisions based on validated and up-to-date feedback straight from the horse’s mouth.

Businesses can see immediate results on their bottom line by spending time understanding their customers and their employees. Our team are well-versed in creating online surveys and speaking directly with your audience with the results collated and translated into recommendations for the client to review and act upon.

For those of you that buy B2B data lists can you honestly say that you have had a good return on your past investment? There are risks in purchasing lists for email marketing campaigns.

How clean is the data you hold on your customers and prospects? IQ4B has a new Data Cleansing service to help you ensure that you have clean, accurate customer and prospect data for your activities.

We all know how important it is to make those follow up calls but we put them off and then realise that it’s too late to pick up the thread. At IQ4B we are experts in keeping our clients in touch.

Customer Feedback

What Our Clients Have To Say