Telemarketing: The art of building relationships for clients

At IQ4Business we have one aim and that is to build relationships on behalf of our clients with the people they are already doing business with and focusing on the ones they want to do business with. Getting our clients onto the radar of the potential prospects is what we do every week through regularly communicating via calls and emails.

We aren’t sales people; we work hard to keep our clients on their customers’ and prospects’ radar for when they are ready to buy. As we interact, we learn more about these businesses and are able to provide intelligence to our clients to help them win sales. For example, we were cleansing a huge dataset of wholesalers for a client and some of the conversations we had led to leads which then converted to sales as well as a significant number of new branches purchasing goods for the first time.

lady with a headset on making calls

We add value to the transactions by answering questions, sending information, referring issues back to our clients if there is a problem, and saving our clients time by making the calls, sending the emails and responding to enquiries.

If you haven’t got the time or staff to make vital keep in touch calls or source new prospects then why not have a conversation with us to see if our service would help you grow your business?  Give us a call on 01200 400127 or email