All businesses need new customers…. easier said than done when you are focused on getting orders out of the door!  IQ4Business was developed to help busy owner/managers keep their companies on the radar of current and past customers and find new ones to top up the pipeline.

The deal-clincher for getting IQ4Business off the ground was the fact that there are a lot of people who run a business and don’t actually like picking up the phone to find new clients.

IQ4Business fills this space perfectly and becomes the essential link in the chain between a business, its customers and new customers.

Meet the team

Liz McMichael

Managing Director

Lisa Sanderson

Business Development

Liz McMichael has a twenty plus year track record in market research which is basically being nosey for a living, listening to what is being said and getting organisations to change their habits and practices to make their services more attractive to their customers.

Liz started out on her own but soon found that she needed like-minded people who enjoyed picking up the phone.

Lisa, came into the business in 2016, with a view to working alongside Mum and to eventually take over the reins. She has a strong customer service and sales background and incorporates this in to daily work life.