Customer & Employee Research

Businesses can see immediate results on their bottom line by spending time understanding their customers and employees. Our team are well-versed in creating online surveys and speaking directly with your audience with the results collated and translated into recommendations for the client to review and act upon.

Customer Feedback

Finding customers and keeping them is what makes business tick. Understanding the needs of your customers through customer satisfaction feedback is key to delivering excellent customer service and creating customer loyalty.

At IQ4Business, we work with you to identify the outcomes of the project and use our experience and knowledge to plan and implement the research.

  • Short online survey emailed directly into the customer’s inbox.
  • Phone interviews with key customers and lost customers.
  • Mystery shopping to test the customer experience.
  • Analysis of survey responses or discussions.
  • Report with recommendations.
  • Action plan and support to implement the plan.
IQ4Business is offering a free audit of your employee consultation processes. As a third party we provide impartial expert advice on the ways to gather quality insights from staff whilst guaranteeing them complete confidentiality We turn the insights into an action plan to help you raise the level of employee engagement across your company.

Call us on 01200 400127 or email on to arrange for a free review of your employee consultation processes.

Employee Feedback

Every well-managed company strives to have a strong brand. The main motivator? Sales volume, often paired with premium pricing.

To build a strong corporate brand, you need brand ambassadors – employees who are thoroughly engaged, connected and committed.

Employee feedback is the core of personal and business growth. Feedback can help an employee and business get better at what they do.

  • Online survey administered directly into personal inbox.
  • Focus groups – managers and line managers in separate groups.
  • One-to-one interviews with senior managers.
  • Analysis of survey responses or discussions.
  • Report with recommendations.
  • Action plan and support to implement the plan.

Client Feedback

IQ4Business specialists facilitated a number of focus groups with managers and staff across the key operational teams. The focus groups were hosted off-site to provide additional assurance to staff that their views were confidential. The outcomes from the discussions were analysed and recommendations presented to the owners of the business. As a direct result a new internal communications strategy was implemented along with securing the services of an expert HR consultant to review the HR and employment practices across the company.


Anna Bell, Marketing Manager