Internships and small businesses – they do work!

At the beginning of summer, we were approached by Esme Pearce, a resident of the Ribble Valley and a Business Studies student from Strathclyde University, asking if we would be prepared to give her an internship for a few weeks over the summer break. Our first thoughts were ‘we are too small for an intern to get any valuable experience’ but on reflection we thought ‘why not’!

As a small telemarketing/lead gen business, we welcomed her into the office and showed her the basics of how we worked. However, we were very aware that marketing takes many different forms and really wanted her to see what running a marketing business was all about. This is where we reached out to some good friends to ask if they would give Esme some of their virtual time to give her an insight into digital marketing, PR, network marketing and how to market a manufacturing company.

The lesson we learned from this experience was that having an intern in a small business has been very rewarding not only from the knowledge and experience transfer that happened but also the collaboration with other small businesses to help provide her with the breadth and depth of experience that we couldn’t have given her on our own. We would urge any small business to think twice if you are approached by a student requesting an internship and make the most of the opportunity. We have not only made a good friend but we now found someone to work with on doing business development for us in her spare time from her studies. Welcome on-board Esme.

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