The Things you Miss when you Sit Down

We don’t see business development as your ‘average’ desk job. So, when we were selecting furniture for the new IQ4Business offices at Clitheroe Business Centre, we knew ‘average’ desks weren’t for us.

It’s vital that we’re at our sharpest every day; able to act fast and think on our feet… so we chose standing desks! If you haven’t heard of a standing desk, the concept is simple; it’s a desk with longer legs – making it standing height.

These fantastic contraptions seem to be growing in popularity, with many businesses, organisations and schools recognising their benefits. We were already familiar with (and keen on) the idea before we purchased ours… but have rapidly become all-embracing, upright advocates! There’s no way we would go back to regular desks.

There are countless benefits, including:

Improved health: Being sedentary for long periods of time means you burn fewer calories (slower metabolism) and increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Increased alertness: Standing tall keeps you awake and prevents general slumps in concentration.

Efficiency: Being on your feet (and therefore more mobile), improves focus and energy levels; resulting in increased productivity.

Standing desks have slightly more complicated mechanics than a normal desk. There are different models but they generally have a height adjustment system to accommodate people of different heights. As we’re sure you can imagine, we had great fun assembling the desks when they arrived… The pictures show Lisa in action.


We’ve now been on our feet for several months so feel qualified to offer a couple of tips to those of you that may be considering a desk change…

Wear sensible shoes: This one is aimed at those that may be partial to a pair of high-heeled shoes. It’s not wise when you’re on your feet all day – trust us!

Be prepared for the adjustment period: If you’re used to a generally sedentary day at work, you may feel a bit tired or achy at first… but persevere and it’ll pay off.

And finally, despite having raved about standing up, we wanted to end this blog by letting you know that we do also have chairs in our office. We have a very comfortable sofa and we have perching stools to go with our desks… there are times when your legs tell you that a rest is necessary!

If you’d like to visit our Clitheroe offices to find out more about our upstanding (in every sense) business growth services, please just get in touch!