Running an Environmentally Conscious Business

Running an environmentally conscious business is important to us at IQ4B – and is becoming a much higher priority for many other business owners.

Whilst our personal behaviour makes a difference, operating a green business has the potential for bigger impact – in terms of being instrumental in creating and leading progressive change.

So, on the back of Earth Day (23rd April), we got to thinking about ideas and tips for running a greener business. Some of the ideas below can be implemented instantly, whilst others may take a little longer – however all of them are realistic and will not only help the environment but have positive effects on your business too (increased productivity, happier staff and impressed clients)!


1. Leave the car at home

Walking or cycling to work is a simple way to make a positive change. It may not always be possible…but if it is, there’s no excuse to do otherwise!

Cycle to Work schemes are a good way to incentivise your team members (offering savings and spreading the cost by paying via salary-sacrifice instalments).

For employees that can’t walk or cycle, you could facilitate/encourage lift-sharing.

Key benefits: No carbon emissions/happier and healthier commuters!


2. Recycle

Make sure you have the facilities to separate waste within your workplace – and then recycle it! Don’t just have ‘general waste’ bins – offer ones with compartments for different types of rubbish.

If the option to recycle is there, people will use it (and habits will change).

Key benefits: Less waste/raised awareness/positive image


3. Utilise technology

We’ve talked about cloud solutions improving efficiency in a previous blog…but making the most of technology can also make a huge difference to your green credentials.

A few examples include:

  • It is now eminently possible to have a face-to-face meeting without the need to travel. Using video conferencing systems (such as Zoom) can make this a slick operation.
  • Reduce (or eliminate) financial paperwork by using cloud software (such as Xero) to send invoices by email. Also, request that your suppliers send invoices and other documentation to you electronically.
  • Similarly, implementing a paperless filing system, using a cloud storage solution (such as Dropbox), will reduce the need to print paperwork. Documents stored within Dropbox can be accessed from any device, and from anywhere (with an internet connection).

Key benefits: Lower carbon emissions/less waste/increased productivity


4. Change your energy supplier

It can be easy to just let your energy contract renew each year…but consider changing to a provider that uses renewable energy sources (such as sunlight, wind or plants).

This might take a bit of research but – to make life simpler – many comparison sites allow you to search for only ‘green’ results.

Key benefits: Reduced environmental impact/reduced energy bills/impressed clients


5. Provide the right tools

Being kitted out with reusable tools within your workplace will help to reduce waste.

Some examples include:

  • If you have a water machine, keep glasses next to it, rather than plastic cups.
  • Buy your employees reusable water bottles as a gift – then ban single-use ones from the workplace!
  • Kit out the staff kitchen with crockery and cutlery…and encourage your team members to use them (rather than picking up disposable cutlery with their takeaway lunch).

Key benefits: Less plastic consumption/happy staff/impressed visitors


If you have other ideas to make a positive environmental impact, we’d love to hear them. Tweet us at @iq4business…or ask us for a video meeting!

Till next time!