Living and working outside of our ‘comfort zone’…

This month we got to thinking about personal and business development…and how, if you don’t venture outside of your comfort zone, things can stagnate.

This links with the idea that we can place our actions into 3 ‘zones’:


Things we know; that are safe, routine and comfortable.

  1. The RISK ZONE

Things that challenge us, scare us but ultimately help us to grow and gain skills/experiences.


Things beyond risk that are potentially dangerous, paralysing or overwhelming.

Basically, to run the most successful business – and to live the most fulfilling life – that we can, we should regularly do things in the risk zone.

This isn’t a new concept…but it’s one that we can easily ignore, forget or side-line due to the simplicity and ease of living in the comfort zone.

When operating a business, it’s important to strive for growth and progression – and to continually challenge ourselves and our team members. So, we’ve put together a few ideas to help prioritise and remind us to take risks…

Set goals

Goal-setting is a great, measurable way to achieve new things. Make your goals ambitious and don’t lose sight of them (literally – keep a list in front of your desk or on your team noticeboard)!

Say ‘yes’/try new things

If you are offered the chance to attend a new event, or to bid for a new contract, don’t look for reasons why you can’t/shouldn’t go ahead…just say ‘yes!’ and see where the opportunity takes you.

Keep inspiration close

Reading inspirational books can help motivate us to try new things and expand our horizons. Similarly, keeping positive pictures/quotes in view can help drive us to achieve more.

Do something that scares you

You’ve heard the saying “fake it till you make it.” No matter how uncomfortable or afraid you feel, sometimes you should just wear a brave face and push forward.

Share your opinion

Don’t shy away from sharing your opinion…it’s as valid as anyone else’s.

Don’t live with the regret of something that you should’ve said, or wish you’d expressed!


The benefits of living in the risk zone include:

  • Confidence
  • Credibility
  • Experience
  • Broadened horizons

To conclude…our plan at IQ4B is to take risk zone opportunities wherever possible and to absolutely get the most out of life and business. If you’re with us, we’d love to hear your ideas and experiences (tweet us @IQ4Business).

Till next time, here’s to risk-taking fulfilment!